Большой тест

1. В вопросах №1-5, из 4х представленных слов, одно является ЛИШНИМ с точки зрения звука, находящегося под ударением. Укажите это слово.





6. История про то, как Мачете ходил автомобиль приобретать. В вопросах №6-20, выберите для каждого пропуска ОДИН правильный вариант из 4х предложенных. One day Mr Machete decided … a car.

7. He had had a bicycle for a few years but he … something faster and more powerful. “What I need is a sports car,” he said to himself.

8. So he … on his bicycle and rode to the town.

9. He walked into a car showroom and said: “I want a car.” The car dealer asked him what kind of car and what colour he … .

10. “It … be fast and I want it in yellow,” said Mr Machete.

11. “That … nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents,” said the car dealer.

12. “Very well,” said Mr Machete. “Only I … my wallet at home.”

13. “Very well, then you … to leave your bicycle here.”

14. “When you… the money,

15. you… have it back.“

16. “Are you sure my bicycle … safe here?” asked Mr Machete.

17. “... lock the door and windows for the night?”

18. The car dealer became very angry. “I… you a new car for your old bicycle. Look, it has no pedals.”

19. “I don’t need them,” Mr Machete explained. “I only… downhill.”

20. He got into his car and set off. Soon he asked himself, “Where … , Mr Machete?”

21. В вопросах №21-40 вам надо выбрать ОДИН правильный ответ из 4 предложенных вариантов. Will Mr Machete ... the money to the car dealer?

22. Where did he ... the car?

23. He has left his wallet ... .

24. Mr Machete`s house was on ... .

25. When someone talks to ... people may think he is mad.

26. He is leaving soon, ... ?

27. Tell me ... you think about him.

28. A bicycle is ... than a car.

29. Fast ... is dangerous.

30. He had no money ... .

31. Let`s go for a drive as it ... any more.

32. He has had ... cars in his life.

33. ... people cannot drive at all.

34. ... to learn how to drive before buying a car.

35. Who ... cars and bicycles in their village?

36. He has repaired his car twice ... .

37. ... your coat and hat becouse it`s cold.

38. ... in the shop was astonished.

39. He likes driving and so ... .

40. This is the car she ... .

41. В вопросах №41-50 приводится 4 слова, ОДНО из которых не "вписывается" в свой ряд по смыслу или грамматической форме. Его и надо указать.










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